Cornish start-up hopes to get families eating well together

Cornish start-up hopes to get families eating well together

We are always being told that eating well is the key to a healthy lifestyle but making sure that we do all the time- especially with lots of mouths to feed- isn’t easy.

NOURYSH– a Falmouth based start-up, has been founded with the mission of making family healthy eating as straightforward as possible.

The company has said: “We’ve never had so many innovative products or so much incredible produce available to us, and yet establishing good nutrition feels more complex than ever.

“NOURYSH aims to build all of the tools parents need to achieve all of this using technology to assist in the workload and headspace required.

“We believe that cooking from scratch will always be the best way to ensure the quality of your food, and that passing on cooking skills to the next generation is an essential life skill.”

With lots of tasty recipes already made simple with easy-to-follow digital recipe cards, head over to the NOURYSH website to get inspired:

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